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May 25, 2022 | Written by Maddie Miller

Welcome to Fort Cottage!

  VeryVera Fort Cottage was one for the books!  Campers enjoyed making a delicious s’more trail mix, packaged in a camouflage bandana and stick.  The only way to carry a camper’s favorite snack in style.  We traded in the indoors for a much needed day in the great outdoors. Our Culinary Director, Donna taught our…

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April 22, 2022 | Written by Maddie Miller

Celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day Dirt Cake Prep time: 10 minutes          Serves: 8 Ingredients 1 (15.5-ounce) package of Oreos 3 ½ cups of milk 4 tbsp butter, softened 1 cup powdered sugar 2 (3.4-ounce) boxes of Hershey Instant Chocolate Pudding 1 (8-ounce) tub Cool Whip 1 (8-ounce) block cream cheese, softened 16 gummy worms…

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March 25, 2022 | Written by Maddie Miller

A Full Heart by Hannah Daniel

Hi! My name is Hannah Daniel, and I am now going into my fourth year working for Vera! It’s honestly crazy to reflect on how much I’ve learned in just a few short years. Working there, I have developed even more of a drive and determination to make something of my life, inspired by how…

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February 17, 2022 | Written by Maddie Miller

Valentine’s Day to Remember

There have been many sweet moments to celebrate at the cottage these past few weeks. We have almost 150 campers signed up for the summer, a VeryVera Cooking Camp milestone! As Camp Director I am overwhelmed and filled with joy to see how excited campers and their families are for camp this summer. I always…

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January 20, 2022 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Happy Homecoming

From dedicated camper, to counselor and now Director of Education and Development, my journey with VeryVera has come full circle. My name is Maddie Miller and I am a recent graduate from the University of Georgia. I graduated in December of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, a major in Elementary Education….

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October 14, 2020 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Anne Elise’s Path

Hi everyone, my name is Anne Elise Garrison and I was the Culinary Director at the Very Vera Cooking Camp this past summer. I am currently completing a BFA in Dance Performance and a Minor in Nutrition at Chapman University in Southern California. I’ve always been attracted to working in the arts, but my interests…

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June 19, 2020 | Written by Ashton Quattlebaum

FarmFresh Pre-Beginner Camp

A summer of FarmFresh cooking is off to a great start at VeryVera! All the hard work and preparation has paid off! We loved watching our campers learning and enjoying themselves in our Pre-beginner course last week. We started this week off by learning the basics of measuring and the correct way to handle kitchen…

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June 19, 2020 | Written by Ashton Quattlebaum

Lessons Learned at Camp are Timeless by Brittney Wainwright

Driving from Athens to Augusta, Georgia last Sunday I thought I had an idea of what I was in store for during my week at the VeryVera Cooking Camp. I had only met Vera once, but her passion, drive, and enthusiasm immediately captured my attention and I knew I had to squeeze in a week…

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May 12, 2020 | Written by Ashton Quattlebaum

Lessons on Entrepreneurship

The VeryVera School of Home Economics has always incorporated entrepreneurship into their program. Vera‘s story is shared at the beginning of every cooking class with the campers to give them a background of the company, and of course, to inspire them! At camp, students learn the importance of presentation and packaging by decorating each food…

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April 14, 2020 | Written by Ashton Quattlebaum

Ansley Madison Designs: Inspiration and Entrepreneurship in the Wake of COVID-19

We are living in uncertain times. The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the globe and, to protect ourselves and others, we are socially distancing ourselves and staying home. Staying away from friends and extended family members is hard, but I know it is for the better. I believe we all take for granted all the…

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March 9, 2020 | Written by Ashton Quattlebaum

VeryVera Camp’s Heart and Sole

The month of February was was filled with love at VeryVera! The Cottage was decorated from its heart to its soles in all things Valentine’s! Heart-filled garlands lined our white picket fence, sprouted from the ground, and hung from our Cottage porch. But it gets better – on the first two Saturdays of February, just…

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February 3, 2020 | Written by Ashton Quattlebaum

Giving from the Heart

Here at VeryVera Camp, we are proud of the many bright young people we get to work with. One of which is Michele J. Lundy. Michele is a junior counselor at VeryVera Camp and has a special connection to this month’s camp, Heart and Sole.    Heart and Sole, Inc is a nonprofit that benefits…

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