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June 1, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Camp Dream Come True

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Thexton. I am a former VeryVera camper, and now I’m a junior counselor for Summer Cooking Camp! It all started at my first day of camp in the summer of June 2011. I loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to go back every day! I learned so…

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March 22, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Day in the Life of a VeryVera Camper

VeryVera camp is a summertime tradition here in Augusta. I attended camp when I was a child and now as Camp Director I get to see the whole operation from a different angle. For those of you who are not as familiar with the VeryVera Camp Program, I’m going to walk you through a typical…

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March 9, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Learning from VeryVera

Hi! My name is Carter Boardman. I am from Augusta, GA and was lucky enough to work for VeryVera during high school. I could honestly go on for pages about the many reasons I love Vera Stewart, lessons I learned from her, and my experience working at VeryVera, but the key takeaway would be that…

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February 22, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Journey to Junior Counselor

Hi, my name is Macie Wier and I am in eighth grade at Davidson Fine Arts School. Cooking delicious recipes has become a favorite hobby of mine all because of VeryVera Cooking Camp. I started camp when I was in third grade, five years ago. When I was in third grade, I showed up for…

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February 7, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Valentines Day Camp Recap

Love was in the air this past weekend at our Heart-y Party-themed Valentine’s Day Camp! The party got started as campers arrived and were greeted by the larger than life conversation hearts on the porch of the cottage. In the kitchen, we prepared a Strawberry Pretzel Salad that was “pretty in pink” and perfect for…

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January 15, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Journey Through Cooking Camp

Hi, my name is Reece Whatley. I am in the ninth grade at Evans High School, and I have always enjoyed cooking. Even before discovering VeryVera Cooking Camp, I loved to help my mom and grandmother in the kitchen with whatever they might be cooking.   I began my journey with VeryVera when I was seven…

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December 20, 2017 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

‘Tis the Season

Our Christmas Saturday Camps are in the books! We had so much fun these past two weekends cooking and crafting with our friends! I can’t wait to tell you all about it, so I’ll start with our Arctic Affair Saturday Camp, held December 9th. In the kitchen, we made chocolate cookies that we decorated to…

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December 18, 2017 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Life’s Little Blessings

I enjoy motivational speaking. Generally, the topics I approach would revolve around female entrepreneurship, “Recipes for Success,” or professional etiquette. I’ve found myself recently managing to incorporate my passion for VeryVera Cooking Camp into any talk that I am asked to deliver. Why is that? Fifteen years ago, my accountant suggested a need to find…

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December 4, 2017 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Returning to Camp

Hello! My name is Tyra Matthews. I am a Junior at Augusta University. Summer of 2017 was my first year working for Mrs. Vera as a counselor, and it was an amazing experience! VeryVera Cooking camp has been a part of my life since I was about 8 or 9 years old. My family has…

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November 8, 2017 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Passion for Giving Back

Growing up, I attended a lot of summer camps. I did everything from volleyball camps to comic book camps and made friends and memories I’ll never forget. My time at VeryVera Cooking Camp, however, was really special. Cooking Camp was the only camp I went back to again and again; as I grew older and…

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October 23, 2017 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Lifelong Journey

Hello, my name is Gigi Miller! I currently work at VeryVera part-time as an office assistant while I take classes at Augusta Univeristy. Due to my history with VeryVera, I am very grateful to have this opportunity! For as long as I can remember, VeryVera has been a part of my family for holidays, birthdays, and some…

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October 16, 2017 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Doing it Fright Saturday Camp

Just like that, our first Holiday Saturday Camp of the season is over and done! We had so much fun meeting new friends and creating all kinds of goodies.       A quick vote showed that most of the campers’ favorite activity was making a really cool Pumpkin Play Clay that combined canned pumpkin,…

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