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This Cooking Camp!

Hello there! I am the new Director of Education and Development for the VeryVera Cooking Camp and so delighted to be a part of this camp. When I started camp in June, I was amazed at the learning experience depth the cooking camp provided. The campers not only learned how to cook, they learned life skills to make them exceptional. After my first week, I was headed home thinking every child deserves to be apart of this camp, every child needs to experience this camp, I wish every child had the opportunity to go to a cooking camp like this, and I am so thankful to work at this cooking camp!
The campers learn how to plan their meals, make the grocery lists most efficiently, plan a party, organize the refrigerator/store their food, cook the food, package food beautifully, set the table and place settings, plate & serve the food appropriately, remove the plates, clean the dishes, just wow! This is amazing it itself, but guess what else…the campers learn to write an invitation, make a gift, crafting, write a thank you note, and take care of the home. (ironing, washing clothes, cleaning, folding sheets, making the bed, organizing a closet, and more) They are introduced to balancing their checkbook!
After the campers learn for 4 days, they prepare a breath taking banquet to end the week. They each invite a guest and the whole week is displayed in the meal prepared, the place settings, and the way the guests are served by the campers. The campers are taught etiquette that they will carry forward the rest of their life. They can pass it on to siblings, their children, and their friends. The VeryVera Cooking Camp is the real deal and definitely executed in GOOD TASTE!

With Happiness & Fulfillment,
Gennie Verbeck