Touchdown Time at the Cottage

We kicked off our Saturday/Specialty Camps with Teams and Tailgating on September 9th!

As we decorated the cottage for camp, we were also in the midst of tailgating on the VeryVera Show!

We were well prepared for Touchdown time so when the kids arrived, our recipes and crafts fit the theme.

In the kitchen, the campers scored with special teams chili with cheese, football sugar cookies, coin toss chocolates, and football field krispies.  The craft area was buzzing with two crafts that can be used for tailgating for many games.  They made their own Fabric Banners emblemed “Go Team” for their mantle, porch, or tailgating food table.  The campers also made the cutest chalkboard sign for their food table, “Down, Set, Eat”.  It was rewarding to hear the campers excited to share the crafts with their parents.  As parents, we cherish the crafts  children make and look forward to pulling them out to use for decorating and memories year after year.

The cooking camp team also set the tables with football placemats, green striped runners, and victory flags from Hester & Cook.  They even used their craft made at camp for the tables as well!  They enjoyed eating together, laughing, and talking.

The campers received their themed button to add to their canvas bag and took home the recipes.  The recipes are also available on our website for all to enjoy.

Thank you to our camp counselors for their hard work at the cooking camp. We are proud that many were campers themselves and now enjoy being counselors.

We hope to see your camper in October, November, December, or February for another Saturday/Specialty Camp!

by Gennie Verbeck