Witches & Lanterns Round 2

The second round of Witches & Lanterns was full of joy.  The kids arrived eager to get in the kitchen!  They loved making the spiders, mummies, witches sticks, and potatoes.  The kitchen wsa very organized with three stations.  The campers shift to learn each set of recipes with well prepared counselors & our culinary director, Donna Nail.  Lucas showed the campers the best way to “strip the dough” for the mummies.  The craft room was prepared and ready for our painted pumpkins and adorable lanterns.  The campers liked putting spiders into their lanterns.  I was so glad we had no leftover spiders in the building!  Abigail had the craft room campers singing while crafting and it was so fun to see everyone having a good time.    Lunch time was a hit and always a good sign when we hear, can we have seconds please!  The campers get a very cool canvas bag and for each camp they attend they get a new button!  The buttons are so cute!!  It is really impressive to see campers asking to help the counselors with camp duties…. I saw future counselors at this camp!!