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May 17, 2019 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

The Elizabeth Pipkin Scholarship

My name is Elizabeth Pipkin, and I attended VeryVera Cooking Camp from 2008 to 2011. Cooking has always been a way I have connected with my family members. Whether it be preparing shrimp and grits with my coastal grandparents, grilling doves with my dad after a hunting trip, or making sausage and beans with my…

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March 14, 2019 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Our newest franchise location, Beaufort Academy!

As I have watched the VeryVera Cooking Camp grow from it’s humble beginning in 2004, there is one common denominator:  LOVE. Equipped with a Home Economics degree from the University of Georgia in 1974, I headed straight to a high school classroom where I stayed for the next four years. Just recently I had the privilege of welcoming…

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March 7, 2019 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Pom Pom Animal Templates

Use these adorable Pom Pom Animals at your child’s next Birthday Party! For the animal templates used to create these animals please click here.

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March 1, 2019 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

When Creativity and Nutrition Meet

Hello! My name is Angie Lee and I am the Cooking Camp Curriculum Director for VeryVera! I joined the VeryVera team back in September of 2018 and it has been an interesting 5 months at VeryVera! From brainstorming various themes, creating the designs for modules, to recipe testing and making crafts each day, each day…

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February 14, 2019 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Developing my Professional Skills

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline Williams and I have just completed my first month of working at VeryVera as the new Camp Director and Director of Education. A little bit of background about myself: I grew up North of Atlanta in Suwanee, GA and completed my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at…

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June 26, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

My Toughest and Best Boss

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Davis and I am originally from Augusta, GA. I currently live in Nashville, TN, where I have spent the past 10 years working in Marketing & Communications for various healthcare companies.  I can say without a doubt that working at VeryVera during my high school days as an “elf” was…

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June 15, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Recipe for Success

Ever since I was little, I have loved being in the kitchen. It started when I would help my mom make sugar cookies for every holiday – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, it didn’t matter. Our old-fashioned sugar cookies are still my favorite cookies to bake as well as eat. I remember how nervous I was before…

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June 1, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Camp Dream Come True

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Thexton. I am a former VeryVera camper, and now I’m a junior counselor for Summer Cooking Camp! It all started at my first day of camp in the summer of June 2011. I loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to go back every day! I learned so…

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March 22, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

A Day in the Life of a VeryVera Camper

VeryVera camp is a summertime tradition here in Augusta. I attended camp when I was a child and now as Camp Director I get to see the whole operation from a different angle. For those of you who are not as familiar with the VeryVera Camp Program, I’m going to walk you through a typical…

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March 9, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Learning from VeryVera

Hi! My name is Carter Boardman. I am from Augusta, GA and was lucky enough to work for VeryVera during high school. I could honestly go on for pages about the many reasons I love Vera Stewart, lessons I learned from her, and my experience working at VeryVera, but the key takeaway would be that…

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February 22, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Journey to Junior Counselor

Hi, my name is Macie Wier and I am in eighth grade at Davidson Fine Arts School. Cooking delicious recipes has become a favorite hobby of mine all because of VeryVera Cooking Camp. I started camp when I was in third grade, five years ago. When I was in third grade, I showed up for…

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February 7, 2018 | Written by VeryVera Cooking Camp

Valentines Day Camp Recap

Love was in the air this past weekend at our Heart-y Party-themed Valentine’s Day Camp! The party got started as campers arrived and were greeted by the larger than life conversation hearts on the porch of the cottage. In the kitchen, we prepared a Strawberry Pretzel Salad that was “pretty in pink” and perfect for…

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