Grace Thexton

A Camp Dream Come True

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Thexton. I am a former VeryVera camper, and now I’m a junior counselor for Summer Cooking Camp! It all started at my first day of camp in the summer of June 2011. I loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to go back every day! I learned so many new skills in the kitchen and etiquette that impressed my entire family.

I have learned so much from Cooking Camp, such as confidence and manners, that apply to my everyday life. One thing I will never forget about is when I was named Camper of the Week during my second year at Camp. I knew at that moment I wanted to be a counselor.

 Camper to Counselor!

Camper to Counselor!

In 2015, my dream came true and I received a letter from Vera asking me to be a counselor! My first week was scary and exciting as I had to learn so much and continue to learn every day. I knew the counselors had to do a lot of work when I was a camper, but I never knew how much work it actually took. I know the values I’ve learned from working with the staff at VeryVera are setting me up for a bright future. Cooking is a lifelong passion, and now teaching children to cook is an experience I will cherish forever!