Manners Still Matter

You’ve heard it before: manners matter! Recently, Jones and I had plans to take our grandson, McCord, and two of his friends to our house in Beaufort, SC for the weekend. Unfortunately, Irma reared her head that weekend and we were forced to relocate our plans to our home in Augusta. 

Believe it or not, my weekend with my husband and three almost-teenage boys was pleasantly spent, thanks to the politeness of these three young men! We went out to dinner on Friday night, and Saturday was spent with breakfast and golf, finishing with college football on three different TVs.  We had one young man that was a Carolina fan amongst UGA lovers, and he was even polite about going back and forth between rooms to watch. We made “Pluck It Cake” (my family’s favorite), and on Sunday the boys’ parents picked them up and life returned to normal. 



A few days later, we received a note from one of our 12-year-old guests thanking us for the fun times he had during the weekend. Do you think I’ll be singing this young man’s praises for the next month or what?



Having good manners has nothing to do with status, education, or income.  Parents are always willing for friends to be invited back or included in a special outing if they come equipped with good manners.  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!