Camper to Counselor Testimonial

Hey everyone, my name is Andrew Davis, and I am 18 and a freshman at the University of Georgia. I was a camper for one year and this will be my fifth year being a counselor. Throughout my time as a counselor and camper, I have made so many memories and learned a lot of […]

Hearts and Honey- Crafting with Love!

This past weekend, we had our final camp for Valentines day! Check last weeks blog to read more about the goodies our campers made in the kitchen and find the recipes under the Activities tab. Our campers got ready for the holiday in by mixing up some “Be My Valentine” trail mix in adorable Valentines […]

Hearts and Honey- In the Kitchen

This past Saturday, we started celebrating Valentines Day a little early! Our campers were busy in the kitchen making taco soup, vegetable trays, gouda crescents, chocolate pie, and cornbread. Honey was a central ingredient this week. Make sure to check out the recipes on our website! Or, better yet, ask your campers to make them […]

Calling All Advanced Beginners!

Hello! My name is Jessica Lawson, and I am a freshman at USC Aiken studying Secondary Math Education. I am now entering my fifth year as a counselor. As another summer of camp quickly approaches, I look forward to welcoming all of our new campers and some returning faces to the Cottage. I also fondly […]

Nutcrackers and Sugar Plums!

Tis’ the season for nutcrackers and sugar plums! This past Saturday, VeryVera camp kicked off the holiday season, oh what fun! Campers participated in the festivities making nutcrackers and sugar plum playdough in the craft room. Then in the kitchen, they made warming soup, rich hot chocolate, and pluck-it cake. Lastly, they made show-stopping truffles. […]

Ready for Thanksgiving

These campers are ready for Thanksgiving and well prepared to cook with any left over turkey!  The campers were full of joy and energy on Saturday.  They really enjoyed making turkey pails, popcorn balls, turkey noodle soup, sour cream muffins, and zucchini bread.  The campers were really surprised by the lavender in the zucchini bread […]

Thankful for Turkey Noodle Soup

The Thanksgiving Camp had the gobble effect!  “May I have more soup please?”  The turkey noodle soup was so good!  It was perfect for a chilly day.  The full menu consisted of Turkey Noodle Soup, Thankful Muffins (sour cream muffins), Gather your Popcorn Balls, and Zucchini Bread.  The campers had so much fun with the […]

Witches & Lanterns Round 2

The second round of Witches & Lanterns was full of joy.  The kids arrived eager to get in the kitchen!  They loved making the spiders, mummies, witches sticks, and potatoes.  The kitchen wsa very organized with three stations.  The campers shift to learn each set of recipes with well prepared counselors & our culinary director, […]

Witches & Lanterns Round 1

Witches and Lanterns was so fun!  The recipes were a scream with witches snack mix, hotdog mummies, freaky fries, chocolate spiders, and chocolate witches sticks.  The counselors greeted the campers with a smile & the campers arrived in their festive Halloween shirts.  There were so many good times at this camp and it makes me […]

Proud of Libby!

We are so proud of this VeryVera Camper!  Lilly was a camper with us and has gone on to pursue a career in the culinary arts at The Culinary Institute of Charleston! She says, “The warmth and creativity that comes from cooking have always brought me comfort.  I spent many summers attending the VeryVera Cooking […]

Touchdown Time at the Cottage

We kicked off our Saturday/Specialty Camps with Teams and Tailgating on September 9th! As we decorated the cottage for camp, we were also in the midst of tailgating on the VeryVera Show! We were well prepared for Touchdown time so when the kids arrived, our recipes and crafts fit the theme. In the kitchen, the […]

This Cooking Camp!

Hello there! I am the new Director of Education and Development for the VeryVera Cooking Camp and so delighted to be a part of this camp. When I started camp in June, I was amazed at the learning experience depth the cooking camp provided. The campers not only learned how to cook, they learned life […]