Camp Farm Fresh (1)

FarmFresh Pre-Beginner Camp

A summer of FarmFresh cooking is off to a great start at VeryVera! All the hard work and preparation has paid off! We loved watching our campers learning and enjoying themselves in our Pre-beginner course last week.

We started this week off by learning the basics of measuring and the correct way to handle kitchen utensils. A lot was accomplished in the kitchen! We made homemade Animal Crackers, Farm Friend shaped Chicken Nuggets, and Snack Time Charcuterie Boards were our in-house favorites.



In the Craft and Entrepreneurship Room, we learned how to make an invitation that was given to our families and friends for our virtual banquet! Milk Jugs with party favors, Painted Spoon place settings, and perfectly packed popcorn were just a few of the FarmFresh decorations that made our Friday Banquet stand out.










The Education room also was busy learning Manners and Table Settings for our Friday celebration.

On Banquet Day, every camper arrived with a smile ready to take on the day! The campers served Egg Salad sandwiches, Garden Pasta Salad, Zebra Popcorn, and personalized Farm Animal Cupcakes!

The campers were able to use their knowledge from camp to plate the food, serve their friends, and act with utmost etiquette.








Lastly, we finished up our week by filming the campers’ introducing themselves and accepting their certificates to send a taste of the banquet back home.

Our Camper of the Week and Culinary Camper of the Week was TaMyra Kramer and Sawyer McKinley.  They showed excellent leadership and enthusiasm in every room of the cottage and we are so excited to see them take their knowledge from camp and use it in the future.

One week down in our summer of FarmFresh Camps! We can’t wait to see what all our Beginners accomplish this week.