Caroline Williams

Developing my Professional Skills

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline Williams and I have just completed my first month of working at VeryVera as the new Camp Director and Director of Education.

A little bit of background about myself: I grew up North of Atlanta in Suwanee, GA and completed my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. I have always had a passion for working with others and making food fun and enjoyable for all. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work at VeryVera where I can do all of these things on a daily basis.

Since graduating from college in December and throughout my first month here in Augusta, I have learned so much about myself and am continuing to do so everyday. Other than learning how to survive outside of the college bubble and in the real world, I am learning who I am and growing into my full potential as an individual. Working at VeryVera with Vera Stewart is helping me to understand key characteristics of being a working woman in the world and allowing me to grow into my full potential. There are certain skills which I am learning, that are needed in order to be successful. Organization, confidence, consistency, responsibility, and leadership are the five words that come to mind. As a young woman newly placed in the business world, these are five characteristics that I believe are important to prioritize, I continue to develop my professional skills while working at VeryVera.

Growing up, I cannot speak enough to how often I heard motivational speakers at school or athletic events and program leaders speak about the importance of leadership skills. Working at VeryVera, I am learning a whole new meaning to being a leader.  Every team member needs to show their leadership qualities to help better the overall organization. There is no I in team. You cannot just have one individual running an entire company. I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to be able to work as a team member at VeryVera and contribute on a daily basis!

In this same way, I hope to instill this knowledge in the campers during our Summer camp program this summer. Having leadership qualities is important for everything you do in your life, whether you end up being the boss of your own company or you work for someone else!

On top of learning life skills and key characteristics for success, I am excited to be preparing for an amazing Sweet 16 Summer Camp! Most of my days are filled working with Angie Lee who developed all the curriculum for our Summer Camp 2019. We spend lots of time in the kitchen recipe testing to ensure that all modules will be a huge success this year! Just graduating with a degree in Nutrition also brings an interesting twist to developing a great summer camp curriculum.

Overall, I am thrilled to be a part of VeryVera and cannot wait to work with your children at a future Birthday Party, Saturday or Summer Camp!