Journey to Junior Counselor

Hi, my name is Macie Wier and I am in eighth grade at Davidson Fine Arts School. Cooking delicious recipes has become a favorite hobby of mine all because of VeryVera Cooking Camp. I started camp when I was in third grade, five years ago. When I was in third grade, I showed up for my my first day of camp and Ms. Vera came in to greet us with a big smile. When I first started coming to cooking camp at a young age, I wasn’t very interested in cooking, but I absolutely fell in love with it after my first day.

At camp, I learned many things I use in everyday life. I learned how to set a table, fold napkins, table manners, and proper etiquette. I used to be shy and scared to speak in front of others, but at VeryVera Camp I learned how to introduce myself properly and speak to adults. VeryVera Camp is where I learned my manners and why we need them. I still have my old recipe books from when I first started camp, and I still look through them today to get some great recipe ideas.

This past summer was my first time being a camp counselor and it was such a great experience. I learned so much–especially how to work with kids, teach, work as a team, and so much more. It was so amazing to see what it was like to be a camp counselor and to work at VeryVera after being a camper for five years. Then, I came back as a camper for Advanced camp! I cannot wait for this upcoming summer to be with the campers and be a junior counselor!