Poolside Paradise

What a great day we had at our Poolside Party Saturday class on May 5th! The first thing our campers noticed upon entering the Cottage was our beautifully remodeled kitchen, which is HUGE! It has two kitchen stations, and there was enough room for all of us to work with plenty of space. It still has a few final touches to be performed, but it’s a far cry from the kitchen we had for summer camp last year! (Pictures to come when everything is in place.) Chef Ben Reardon taught us all about feta cheese and how to make a vinaigrette, which we used to make a sea shell pasta.

Chef Ben even taught us new culinary terms like “emulsify,” which means to combine oil- and water-based ingredients without them separating. Making and decorating sugar cookies was a favorite among these campers! We learned all about royal icing and had a great time filling in our cookies.

In our craft rooms, we decorated a tea towel to give to our mom for Mother’s Day. We love being able to do things for other people, and camp always gives us an opportunity to do just that. Our campers also had the chance to decorate their own pool bag. We decorated it to portray a summer scene, which we can use every time we go to the pool this summer.

Saturday camps are always such a great time! We get to hang out with friends we know and meet new ones. We learn delicious new recipes that we can take home and share with our families. Finally, we eat really well at the end of the day! Saturday camps are a great introduction to our week-long summer camps, which are right around the corner. We look forward to seeing all our campers this summer and everyone else in October when our Saturday camps start again!

See the photo album here.