A Lifelong Journey

Hello, my name is Gigi Miller! I currently work at VeryVera part-time as an office assistant while I take classes at Augusta Univeristy. Due to my history with VeryVera, I am very grateful to have this opportunity! For as long as I can remember, VeryVera has been a part of my family for holidays, birthdays, and some lucky days in between. It was always a good day when I would get home from school and a VeryVera tin was on the counter.

I first began my journey with VeryVera when I was 8 years old. After seeing my older sister have so much fun at VeryVera Cooking Camp, I could not wait for my turn to go. I still have the cookbooks, recipes, and napkin folds from camp. My sister and I would practice the recipes we learned, some of which we still make today, including Cranberry Orange Scones and Cookies and Milk Pie. Attending Cooking Camp not only helped me be more comfortable in the kitchen, but it also boosted my confidence across many social situations.

You can only imagine how excited I was when I was asked to help out this summer for Cooking Camp 2017. Coming back to Cooking Camp as a camp counselor allowed me to be part of the aspect of Camp I love–being in the kitchen, making crafts, and teaching children etiquette and nutrition. I was also able to make new friends among my fellow counselors. One thing I will never forget is getting to work alongside my big sister. This brought back the old days of camp for the both of us.



When I’m not working or in the kitchen, I am a freshman at AU pursuing a degree in nursing with emphasis on pediatrics. I love being around kids, and if I can one day help children stay healthy and happy, I can be happy, too! Although this is something that I am very passionate about, my ultimate dream is to one day own a bakery with my sister. Having the opportunity to work alongside a successful female entrepreneur like Ms. Vera gives me the motivation to work hard at making my dream a reality!